Cultural Structures

Cultural structures are AAA, BBB and CCC

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Cultural structures is Pszczyńskie Centrum Kultury


Contenu de l’onglet
Contenu de l’onglet

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Pszczyńskie Centrum Kultury

Adress: 43-200 Pszczyna ul.Piastowska 1

Pszczyńskie Centrum Kultury is the main cultural organization in Pszczyna. Every year we organize about 200 events like: concerts, meetings, festivals, art exhibitions. The biggest of them are: Days of Pszczyna, Daisy Days, Christmas Market, Bankowa Street Live, Meetings With Jewish Cultural and Outdoors Classical Concerts.

In all events participate about 40 000 people a year. On the other hand  PCKul popularise culture among children, youth and adults. PCKul regularly organize courses of dancing, painting, meetings with poetry or showings of artistic films. Every week about 500 people enjoy the wide offer of cultural activities offered by the PCKul. The third type of activities is support of amateurs creators. Under the PCKuls patronage operates 11 folklore bands including 2 children bands and 3 choirs. Pszczyńskie Centrum Kultury persistently collaborate with 50 institutions, foundations, associations and schools.

portuguese structures

logo-quita do conde

Junta de Freguesia
da Quinta do Conde

Adress: Rotunda da Cova dos Vidros, 2975-333 Quinta do Conde – Portugal

camara municipal

Camara Municipal
de Almada

Adress: Rotunda da Cova dos Vidros, 2975-333 Quinta do Conde – Portugal

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